R E S O L U T I O N 1-1

By Kubiak H.R. No. 11 74R97 WMS-D

    WHEREAS, Milam County, rich in both historic tradition and the bounties of nature, has been blessed with an exquisite food source available to all, the wild dewberry; and

    WHEREAS, Located in the fertile blacklands of southeast Texas and nourished by the waters of the Brazos, Little, and San Gabriel rivers, Milam County produces an abundance of crops, including sorghum, cotton, wheat, hay, corn, and soybeans; and

    WHEREAS, Although these crops contribute greatly to the area's agribusiness economy, their economic importance is rivaled by the popular appeal of the indigenous dewberry, a naturally occurring, distinctive plant that can be found throughout the region; and

    WHEREAS, The decumbent bramble, genus Rubus, or the wild  dewberry, is ideally suited to and thrives dramatically in the soil and climate of Milam County, and the plants dot the county's roadsides and paths with their beautiful crimson and deep purple berries; and  

    WHEREAS, A few moments spent picking the ripened berries will be rewarded with a unique treat for the palate, as the fruit of the wild dewberry plant is distinctively sweet and refreshing; and

    WHEREAS, The wild profusion of this flavorful delicacy throughout Milam County is indicative of the abundance of nature all Texans enjoy and is deserving of special legislative recognition; now, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas Legislature hereby designate Milam County as the wild dewberry capital of the State of Texas.