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As ISIS rampages in Mideast, U.S. eyes potential for domestic threat

There's no credible information pointing to ISIS plot against homeland, but officials have incomplete intel and that worries them

Student found dead in Grand Teton National Park

Search was launched after 20-year-old failed to return from hike in Wyoming park

Ky. firefighters hurt in ice bucket stunt

Fire captain was seriously burned, 3 others injured when ladder truck got too close to power line after dumping water on university marching band in ALS charity stunt

Rain after wildfires triggers mudslides in Wash.

Mudslides on land left bare by fires knock house off its foundation, maroon vehicles on highways as extreme weather plagues much of U.S.

Police officer delivers baby in California parking lot

An Elk Grove, California, police officer helped deliver a baby girl in a parking lot. The officer had basic training delivering babies, but as KOVR-TV's Shannon Brinias explains, he relied more on knowledge gained from delivering his own kids.
Laying down of the turf continues as the Cameron Yoe football team marches toward football season. Coming up this Friday, catch the Milam County Coaches Roundtable here on the Ranch, following the evening news.

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