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Notre Dame defeats Baylor to reach women's Final Four

The Fighting Irish ran a strong offensive drive to beat the Lady Bears 77-68 and earn a fifth consecutive Final Four trip

Small plane crash in Pennsylvania kills 2

The aircraft, only carrying two people went down about two miles from Brandywine Airport, 20 miles west of Philadelphia

Patient monitored for Ebola develops different health issue

An aid worker under observation for the disease needed care from a bystander while jogging and needed to be hospitalized

3/29: Purported Germanwings cockpit voice recorder transcript released; 6-way kidney swap makes medical history in California

A German paper published what it says is the transcript of the Germanwings cockpit voice recorder on Sunday. It details the pilot's desperate attempts to get back inside the cockpit before the fatal crash; and, twelve patients made medical history in California earlier this year with a six-way kidney swap. Last week, the patients came together for an emotional reunion.

UC Berkeley student disappears after leaving party

Los Angeles police say the 19-year-old freshman left a party near the USC campus, but did not return
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