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JetBlue flight nearly collides with small plane near NY airport

FAA is investigating a near-midair collision between two planes near Westchester County Airport north of NYC

Bob Orr retires from CBS News after 21 years

Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Bob Orr is retiring after 21 years at CBS News and 40 years in broadcast journalism. CBS News wishes Bob and his wife Susie the very best in their new life in Florida.

NFL: Referee inspected footballs properly in AFC title game

"Officiating is not part of the investigation," NFL officiating chief Dean Blandino says of "deflate-gate" controversy

This woman is not your average gym rat

Kay Didas is a 93-year-old machine. She just hit her 1,000th workout at the Curves in Portage, Michigan, and she may be even more motivated than you. She's been working out at her local gym since the 1960s, well before Jane Fonda taught Americans how to achieve buns of steel.

Cops: Online ad precipitated fatal shooting in Ga.

The case comes on the heels of another in which a Georgia couple was killed after responding to an online ad for a car

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