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Fire at Wash. Planned Parenthood clinic ruled arson

Pre-dawn blaze in Pullman follows a recent wave of protests at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country

NYC tourist accused of tackling topless woman

A man was arrested in Times Square after he allegedly attacked a "Desnudas" street performer

"Good jobs are back" says new study

According to a new study out of Georgetown University, out of 6.6 million jobs added in the recovery, 44 percent are considered "good jobs" that pay more than $53,000 annually

How the Forest Service is getting smarter about fires

With dozens of wildfires burning on the West Coast, the U.S. Forest Service is trying to stay ahead of the flames

Falling oil prices prompt sharp rise in layoffs

Lower global demand has pushed oil prices to their lowest in years, pushing companies to cut 100,000 American jobs so far this year
Donations are being sought for the monuments honoring the 1981 and 2014 State Championship football team. The Yoe Booster Club is currently taking donations for the State Championship monuments. If you would like to donate, contact a booster member.
The Cameron Yoe football team opened their state title defense Friday with a resounding 63-14 win over Waco Connally. Click here for pictures (courtesy of Jerry Bethell)

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