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Oregon incinerator may have burned aborted fetal tissue

Local officials order public-private facility to stop accepting medical waste for now; its output generates electricity

Yankees' Pineda ejected after substance found on his neck

Incident comes less than two weeks after he pitched against Boston with what appeared to be pine tar on his hand

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to divorce

Wilson, who led Seattle to its first Super Bowl title in February, announced he and wife Ashton are splitting up

Clemson coach accused of pushing religion on football team

Coach says he won't change anything after group complains he is promoting his own Christian religion among players at publicly funded institution

Chelsea Clinton honored for work promoting cultural understanding

Chelsea Clinton was honored at the 18th annual "Lives of Commitment Benefit Breakfast," hosted by the Auburn Theological Seminary, April 23, 2014, for her work with the Of Many Institute, an organization she co-founded with Linda G. Mills, Ph.D., to encourage cross-cultural leadership experiences among students.

The Yoe FFA has been busy this summer. This is the group of students who went to the Texas Tech Camps to study for their CDE (Career Development Events) such as Wool Judging, Meats Judging, and livestock judging.

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