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Ex-Mass. bishop implicated in abuse cover-up dies

Former Bishop Joseph Maguire, who faced allegtions in the clergy sex abuse scandal that happened in his tenure over the Diocese of Springfield was 95

Texas military base placed under lockdown

Emergency responders were investigating a suspicious vehicle whose driver has been taken into custody

Seahawks clip Cardinals' wings 19-3

A 20-yard touchdown and four field goals enabled Russell Wilson and Seattle to keep Arizona on the ground in their second loss of the season

11/23: After heavy snow, Buffalo braces for flooding; Cinder the bear cub gets a second chance

After a week of heavy snow fall in Buffalo, officials warn residents to prepare for impending floods caused by soaring temperatures; and, among the bears heading to hibernation this winter is a little cub named “Cinder.” She was wounded in a wildfire but has made a remarkable recovery and has reached a huge milestone.

Parents' brawl costs kids' football teams shot at championship

Four men fought during the Mississippi youth teams' playoff game, prompting officials to cancel their appearances
A Cameron landmark historic home was destroyed by fire Wednesday. Click here for story.
The Cameron Yoemen stormed past Glen Rose in bi-district action last Friday to earn a date with undefeated Teague in the area round this week. Click here for pictures (courtesy of Jerry Bethell)

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