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Litany of horrors allegedly inflicted on boy found nearly dying of starvation

7-year-old Pennsylvania boy allegedly beaten with belts if he tried to sneak food; siblings say he would eat bugs because he was so hungry

Back to black: Jail ditches orange jumpsuits

In response to the popular Netflix series "Orange is the New Black," people around the world are wearing orange jumpsuits in public. A sheriff in Michigan has decided that his jail will substitute the suddenly popular color with the traditional black.

Model warships battle for prize

Fighting with model warships has been a hobby for decades. This week, championships in the activity are being held in Minnesota.

Baby orangutan finds new mom

An adorable baby orangutan, whose mother couldn’t care for him, has found new love at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Canine facial recognition?

Facial recognition software has been used by law enforcement, but a new smartphone app is trying to use it to find lost dogs. Does it work?

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The Cameron Yoe Booster Club is selling 2013 State Championship Football Plaques. The cost of the plaques are $35 and can be bought from Coach Rhoades in the Fieldhouse. Only 50 were purchased and there is only 14 left.

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