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Police officer shot at Nebraska traffic stop

Police in Lincoln take at least 2 people into custody for questioning after suspects flee scene where unidentified person

Suspected burglar dies in chimney after homeowner lights fire

Authorities said a homeowner in the rural town of Huron, California, heard someone scream after lighting a fire in his fireplace

Multiple college students hurt when bus overturns in Virginia

Police say a private bus carrying 49 people, mostly college students, overturned on a highway ramp in the Richmond area

Planned Parenthood VP: Concerned "hateful rhetoric" is contributing to violence

As new details emerge about the accused gunman in Friday's attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, CBSN speaks with the organization's Executive Vice President, Dawn Laguens

Kobe Bryant to retire after this season

Kobe Bryant, who has played with the Los Angeles Lakers for almost two decades, said on Sunday, "my body knows it's time to say goodbye".
The Cameron Yoe football team survived a scare from Malakoff last Friday, storming back for a 45-44 win over the Tigers in Area round action. Cameron now faces Grandview this Friday. Click here for pictures (courtesy of Jerry Bethell)
8-year-old Damon Flemings, Jr., a 3rd grader at Cameron Elementary, became a National Qualifier in for both AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and USATF (USA Track and Field). He placed 1st in the AAU qualifier on November 14th and 1st at the USATF qualifier on November 21st. Both races were 1.2 miles. The National events will be held in Alabama and New Mexico.

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