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Federal probe aims to find hacker of Leslie Jones

The hacking of comedic actress Leslie Jones' personal account is now the focus of a federal probe. The Department of Homeland Security has launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for posting the Saturday Night Live star's private information. Carter Evans reports.

National Park Service celebrates 100th anniversary

Admission fees are being waived at all 412 national parks for the weekend as the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary. Chip Reid reports on the monumental milestone.

Elephant tranquilizer blamed for recent wave of heroin overdoses

Addicts often don't know what is mixed into the heroin they've picked up from their dealer. Drugs like carfentanil and fentanyl are being used more often in these mixes, and the added potency is leading to more overdoses. Anna Werner has more.

EpiPen maker responds to price-hike criticism

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch went on the offensive Thursday as the company announced it would provide consumers a discount for the EpiPen. The pharmaceutical company has raised the price of the life-saving device by 500% since 2009. Vinita Nair reports.

Stories of heroism emerge after Indiana tornadoes

Crumbled buildings, wrecked homes and scattered debris are in abundance after several tornadoes touched down in Indiana. Survivors are now recalling how they weathered the storm. Jericka Duncan reports.
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