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Political carnage as U.K. grapples with "Bre-grets"

Leaders who lobbied hard against divorce from EU feel the heat as financial chiefs and America's top diplomat try to calm the waters post-Brexit vote

Joking about castration, Philippine leader takes on the church

Flood-ravaged West Virginia may get new blows from Mother Nature

Death toll from recent flooding rises as residents try to fathom what's already happened

Global markets open for 1st week post-Brexit vote

After Friday's freefall with investors shocked by Britain's vote to leave EU, how long will the losses continue, and how far will it spread?

Shocker from soccer superstar Lionel Messi

2 escaped inmates in S.C. captured, 1 still on the run

Artists pay tribute to Prince during BET Awards

Official: Israel reaches reconciliation deal with Turkey

College soccer player drowns while swimming with teammates

Several hurt when roller coaster derails at theme park

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