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Court rules on Uganda's controversial anti-gay law

Measure allows life sentences for those convicted of engaging in gay sex, lengthy jail terms for "attempted homosexuality"

15 days later, Flight 17 investigation gets rolling

With fight between pro-Russian rebels accused of downing jet and Ukrainian forces raging nearby, work finally begins in earnest

Cantor says he'll resign months earlier than expected

Former House majority leader ousted in Republican primary says he will step down before term ends

Eye Opener: U.S. gov't works to ease fears about Ebola outbreak

Also, the 72-hour cease-fire in Gaza was broken; your world in 90 seconds

Gaza cease-fire fails to last the morning

Hours into truce, Israel blames Hamas for violating terms, Palestinians say 40 killed by tank fire and Hamas claims kidnap of Israeli soldier

Sudanese woman who faced death over faith arrives in U.S.

Mayor hails Meriam Ibrahim as "world freedom fighter" during Philadelphia stopover; cheering supporters greet family in N.H.

Ebola: What you need to know

As the first Americans who will be treated for the virus here are brought home from West Africa, questions are being asked about whether it could spread

Shelters for child border-crossers aren't all government-run

Private - but taxpayer-funded - organizations are sheltering many of the unaccompanied minors who cross the U.S.-Mexico border

Hubble Space Telescope still pushing the frontiers of astronomy

It's made one amazing discovery after another for almost 25 years, and Hubble is not done yet

Movie makeup master Dick Smith 1922-2014

A look at the remarkable creations of the Academy Award-winning artist from such films as "The Godfather" series, "The Exorcist," "Amadeus" and "Altered States"

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The Cameron Yoe Booster Club is selling 2013 State Championship Football Plaques. The cost of the plaques are $35 and can be bought from Coach Rhoades in the Fieldhouse. Only 50 were purchased and there is only 14 left.

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