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Trump had to be rescued from stuck elevator in Colorado

Pope to world's youth: Don't be a couch potato, try activism

The Hunter: Searching for Kelli Bordeaux

When a young U.S. Army combat medic goes missing, a bounty hunter takes on his biggest case ever

3rd Chicago cop relieved of duty after 18-year-old shot in the back

Forrest Hayes case: Kiss of Death and the Google Exec

The mysterious death of a tech executive and his last night with an exotic beauty on his yacht -- now a court decides her fate and stunning new details are revealed

Skydiver Luke Aikins makes parachute-free jump

FAA was warned of potential hot air balloon dangers

Safety investigators recommended two years ago that the FAA impose greater oversight over commercial hot air balloon operators, but were ignored

"Have a nice afterlife": New details on teen who allegedly slit girl's throat

San Diego police hope body camera footage gives insight into officer killing

10 of the most dangerous stunts of all time

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