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To Catch a Genius

A successful wife dead from nicotine poisoning. Her genius husband beat "Jeopardy!" -- can he beat a murder rap? Erin Moriarty investigates.

Why social media delights in ESPN reporter's tirade

Britt McHenry is latest person to be tried and found guilty by social media. What does that say about online shaming?

Remembering the Oklahoma City bombing

Twenty years later, "60 Minutes" takes a look back at the bombing that affected so many lives

Weird science news of the week

Facial evolution, dog bonding, cat communication, plus coffee and doughnuts in space, this week in weird science
The Cameron Yoe Booster Club is auctioning 4 autographed footballs, a pendant, and a State Championship Ring!
The 2014 State Championship plaques (see above) are available for purchase. The plaques cost $35.00 and checks can be made to the Cameron Yoe Booster Club. We only ordered 50 plaques and at this time, there are about 35 left. If you are interested in purchasing one, please see Coach Rhoades at the Fieldhouse.

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