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Angry birds: Turkeys terrorize Minnesota motorists

Foul-tempered fowls block drivers and approach cars near Minneapolis as they try to establish dominance during mating season

Oh, baby! Massachusetts womom gives birth to 14-pounder

Healthy newborn girl tips scales at 14 pounds, 5 ounces, but she doesn't break the hospital's records

Michael Phelps loses in comeback meet

Swimming before a sellout crowd, 18-time Olympic gold medalist is defeated by Ryan Lochte, but does it in impressive time

Families' frustration grows as leads fizzle in search for Malaysian plane

The week's developments in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Connecticut teen says school nixed her date for the prom

18-year-old senior says school officials consider her boyfriend too old to go to high school's big dance

Kerry warns Russia it's making "expensive mistake"

Secretary of State says Moscow will face new sanctions if it doesn't back off on Ukraine, mocks Russia's claims that it's not fomenting separatist movement

Michael Pineda's big fault isn't cheating -- it's getting caught

Insiders say everybody breaks the rules in baseball; Yankees pitcher is getting flak only because he was too obvious

M.E.: Minn. homeowner shot teen burglars at close range

Medical examiner testifies two teen cousins killed after breaking into Minnesota man's home were shot a total of nine times

Camilla's brother's death ruled an accident; family "utterly devastated"

Officials provide more details on death of Mark Shand; Prince Charles and Camilla "utterly devastated"

Sex charges thrown out against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash: report

Appeals court tosses three charges, saying statute of limitations had run out, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The Yoe FFA has been busy this summer. This is the group of students who went to the Texas Tech Camps to study for their CDE (Career Development Events) such as Wool Judging, Meats Judging, and livestock judging.

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