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Notebook shows bizarre scribblings of Colo. shooter

Prosecutors say the writings of James Holmes in a notebook are evidence of his plot to kill; Holmes' defense says it demonstrates his insanity

A recent history of FIFA scandals

Soccer's world governing body has a long history of misbehavior

FIFA rocked by arrests on corruption charges

Both Swiss and U.S. prosecutors announce criminal cases against top members of soccer's governing body, including money laundering and racketeering

John Nash: The "60 Minutes" interview

From the archives, Mike Wallace's interview with mathematician John Nash, the subject of the movie "A Beautiful Mind"
A tornado that struck the Milam County town of Pettibone on Monday afternoon left 1 person dead. Click here to see pictures of the damage.
Recent storms that have brought heavy rainfall have also brought the Little River in Cameron above the flood stage. To monitor the Little River conditions, go to

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