Sports News :

Bradley Beal, Wizards working toward 5-year, $128M max deal

Washington is trying to lock up its top-flight wing, but can he get healthy?

Report: Warriors, Knicks, Spurs, Blazers among teams pursuing Pau Gasol

Former Lakers big man will have big options

Orioles set a new MLB record with 56 home runs in June

The Orioles set the all-time June home run mark thanks to an unlikely power source

Report: Knicks, Joakim Noah to finalize 4-year, $70M-plus deal Friday

New York appears willing to spend a lot of money to keep former teammates together

WATCH: Umpire plays great defense to keep Royals catcher away from foul ball

Home plate umpire Mike Everitt blocked Salvador Perez from chasing down a pop-up and got wrapped up for his troubles

Andrew Heaney headed for Tommy John surgery after stem-cell treatment fails

Heaney was hoping the stem-cell treatment would allow him to rehab his torn elbow ligament and avoid surgery

Duron Carter plows over opposing coach, starts wild brawl after CFL TD

Things got pretty crazy in the CFL on Thursday night

Tigers score eight runs in the ninth to improbably stun the collapsing Rays

The Tigers were trailing 7-2 heading into the ninth but won by three runs

Once-spurned Hawks embracing Atlanta's younger fans, hip-hop roots

Retaining Al Horford would take things from good to great

Report: Warriors' meeting with Durant to include Curry, Green and Thompson

Golden State's three best players will reportedly be in the room with KD

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