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Cameron (Milam Co) Municipal Airpark, TX KT35
Last Updated on Apr 25 2018, 4:55 pm CDT

Current Conditions: Fair
Winds are from the North at 16.1 gusting to 20.7 MPH (14 gusting to 18 KT)
Current Temperature: 69.0 F (20.4 C)
Barometer: 30.07 Humidity: 55%
Dewpoint: 52.0 F (11.1 C) Visibility: 10.00 miles Lat: 30.88 Long: -96.97
3 day history
Note: Current Observations are for nearest active reporting station in Cameron Texas.
Forecast below is for Rockdale (Milam County) Texas.

NWS Forecast Rockdale Tx


Mostly Cloudy
High: 80

Chance Rain Showers
High: 46

Mostly Sunny
High: 76
Tomorrow Night

Mostly Clear
Low: 52

Mostly Sunny
High: 77

Friday Night

Partly Cloudy
Low: 48

Partly Sunny
High: 78
Saturday Night

Partly Cloudy
Low: 53

Partly Sunny
High: 80
Sunday Night

Mostly Cloudy
Low: 59

Forecast Data derived from NOAA's NWS S.O.A.P. Service for Rockdale Texas (Milam County)

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