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Clocktower Cup up.jpg (62417 bytes)

Workers set pieces into place

Clocktower Cup down1.jpg (58557 bytes)

Fits like a Glove?

Clocktower Cup down3.jpg (82561 bytes)

Another phase almost complete

Clocktower Clock down3.jpg (38321 bytes)

Just a little to the left

Clocktower Clock far1.jpg (50293 bytes)

Clocktower Clock lands.jpg (53616 bytes)

Clock gets into place

Clocktower Steeple up.jpg (55434 bytes)

The Steeple goes next

Clocktower Steeple1.jpg (88237 bytes)

Gorgeous view

Clocktower workers.jpg (61618 bytes)

Workers head to the top to take the handoff of the Goddess at the pinacle of the Clocktower

Goddess up1.jpg (91366 bytes)

Goddess is taken from the crate

Goddess Got her.jpg (34343 bytes)

Brown takes the hand off from the crane

Clocktower Finishing Touches.jpg (46678 bytes)

Workers make the final adjustments

Goddess On 1.jpg (30798 bytes)

Goddess lands


 Clocktower Watcher.jpg (47353 bytes)

Courthouse worker looks up from the inside at the work

(Cameron)  After years of anticipation, and several days of fitting the puzzle together workers began the tedious job of hoisting the Clocktower and Goddess of Justice high atop Milam County's Historic Courthouse in front of crowds that came and went through out the day watching the progress.

Clocktower Frank Troy.jpg (76579 bytes)

Milam County Judge Frank Summers and Pct. 2 Commissioner Troy Mode watch progress up close and personal

Clocktower1.jpg (68977 bytes)

Clock on the way to it's new home

Clocktower Crowd looks up.jpg (51116 bytes)

Some of the hundreds that watched the progress in downtown Cameron

Clocktower Clock donw2.jpg (61122 bytes)

Clock gets closer to home

Looking up.jpg (55976 bytes)

It's a long way up there

Worker waits on Steeple.jpg (37861 bytes)

Worker waits on another piece of the Clocktower

Clocktower Steeple down.jpg (48397 bytes)

Workers lay another piece into place

Clocktower Goddess1.jpg (89791 bytes)

Workers make final adjustments to the Goddess before sending her to the top

Clocktower Alvah1.jpg (31619 bytes)

Alvah Brown of Ebco Development ties himself securely before he undertakes the task of guiding the Goddess of Justice to her final resting place

Goddess up3.jpg (48422 bytes)

Going up

Clocktower Done.jpg (48808 bytes)

A final look at the new addition to the Courthouse

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