(GATESVILLE) Coryell County Commissioners on Monday renewed agreements with 2 area counties to house inmates. 

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve interlocal agreements with Milam and McLennan Counties to house overflow inmates from the crowded Coryell County Jail. Milam and Coryell County had originally come to agreement on a deal in 2012 to house excess inmates. 

The new deal between the 2 means Coryell will spend $45 per inmate per day by 2015 and $47 per inmate per day by 2020. The increase in fees were approved by all parties. McLennan County is also set to increase their fees to house prisoners as part of their deal with Coryell County. 

As of now, Coryell Commissioners said they spend $58 per day to house an inmate at the overcrowded Coryell County Jail. Sheriff`s officials said the County houses roughly 36 inmates out of county per day, mostly in Milam County. 

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