Saturday July 19, 2014

Write in:

--FS: movable butcher block Isand table 32x42 dark wood black iron trim,(very heavy) $350, Coffee Table raw iron w/ glass top $250, Cane Back and bottom French style chairs $100 for both, serious buyers only. 697-6084

4 Chihuahua pups 254-627-1604


1--fs: bells of hay. 42 inch fan 512-356-4928
2--gs: tractor, tools, antque iron bed, kitchen JWY 52 CR 322
3--fs: 2006 Ford F150 305 post oak 627-0682
4--94 chevy truck, transmission out. gucci clothes pants and shorts, 254-627-1620
5--square bells of hay 627-9459
6--Want 2020 dryer, 697-2905 or 254-721-9707
7--cook stove, cattle pannels 1914 upright piano 512-429-0513
8--fs Rat terrior pups 2 males 512-913-4313
9--truck load h 2546279106

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