Saturday October 25, 2014

write ins:

fs: chest of drawers and dresser, matching set, $125. washer and dryer, $125 for both. galvanized round bale hay feeder, $130. 254-913-7489

1--ys: 901 west 1st
2--ys: 1601 north austin avenue across Grace church.
3--fs: 1977 tractor with scoop and trailer, blue jeans, cash register 979-540-9544
4-- volkswagon beetle 512-774-8830
5--fs: bunk beds605-0690
6--want: radiator heater 254-697-8376
7--fs: riding lawn mower, fence, 42 inch floor fan, harley davision 512-365-4928
8--gs: 1407 NOrth HOuston
9--2007 north clevland

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