Weekdays Special Programming
8:05-9:00 Monday thru FridayRose & Joe, The Breakfast Club
9:05-9:30 AM TuesdaysLets Talk Traffic (with State Trooper Jimmy Morgan)
9:05-9:30 AM WednesdaysMilam County Judges Report
9:05-9:30 AM ThursdaysCity of Cameron News (with City Manager)
9:05-10:30 AM FridaysCoaches Shows (during football season)
1:05-5:00 PM FridaysPolka Party Afternoon
Weekdays AM
12:00 Midnight - 6:00 AMClassic Country
6:00 - 6:05CBS News
6:05Local Headlines
6:07-6:28Wake up Hymns
6:30-7:00Morning Farm News
7:00-7:10CBS World News Roundup
7:10-9:00Breakfast Club
7:30News in the Morning (Local)
8:00-8:05CBS News
8:30Local Headlines
9:00-9:05CBS News
9:05-11:55The Morning Show with Brett Eberhart
10:00-10:05CBS News
10:30Local Headlines
11:00-11:05CBS News
11:55-11:59How to Manage Your Money
Weekdays PM
12:00-12:05CBS News
12:05-12:17Noon Farm & Ranch Report
12:17-12:30KMIL Local News
12:30-12:45Rural Party Line
12:45-1:00Farm Bureau Ag Reports
1:00-5:00Mainstream Country
5:00-5:30KMIL Evening News
5:30-12 MidnightClassic County
12:00 Midnight -6:00 AMClassic Country
6:00-6:05CBS News
6:05-7:00Public Programs
7:00 - 7:05CBS News
7:30Local News/Weather
8:00-8:05CBS News
8:30-9:00Horticulture Hotline
9:00-12:00Aaron's Hi Cap Adventures
12:00-12:05CBS News
12:05-12:15Local News/Weather
12:15-12:30Farm Bureau Roundup
12:30-5:00Spanish Programming
5:00-12 MidnightClassic Country
12:00 Midnight - 6:00 AMClassic Country
6:00-6:05 AMCBS News
6:05-6:15 AMGospel Music
6:15-6:30 AMWonderful Words of Life
6:30-6:45 AMGospel Music
6:45-7:00 AMThe Sower
7:00-7:05 AMCBS News
7:05-7:15 AMGospel Music
7:15-7:30 AMHarvest Time Ministries
7:30-7:45 AMSt. Paul Lutheran Church
7:45-8:30 AMGospel Music
8:30-8:45 AMScience, Scripture & Salvation
8:45-9:00 AMHoyte Church of Christ
9:00-10:00 AMHeavenly Harmony
10:00-10:30 AMFirst United Methodist Church - Cameron
11:00 - NoonMarlow Baptist Church
12:15-2:30 PMVrazel Polka Show
2:30-4:30 PMSunday Afternoon Polka Show
4:30-6:00 PMSpanish Programming
6:00-12:00 MidnightClassic Country

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