News Reports for 2014-07-27

Today`s Local News 2014-07-27
Sunday, July 27, 2014              LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY POLICE CHEIF RESIGNS   (LITTLE RIVER-ACADEMY) Little-River Academy Police Chief resigns after 10 days.   Mic....see story
 (WICHITA, KS) A 10-month old girl died after being locked in a hot car. A Wichita, KS man left his 10-month old foster daughter locked in a car, leading to the child`s death.  The 29 year old man tol....see story

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The Cameron Yoe Booster Club is selling 2013 State Championship Football Plaques. The cost of the plaques are $35 and can be bought from Coach Rhoades in the Fieldhouse. Only 50 were purchased and there is only 14 left.
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